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The 1500mm U-Axis contour head with 3 separate tool pocket positions on a 450mm stroke slide, make this machine the perfect size machine to cover the largest size parts with turning diameters up to 2500mm (98-1/2”). The contour head has all the functions of a CNC lathe, including constant surface speed, single point threading, and complete contour capabilities. All tools are changed from the tool magazine directly into the quill spindle or any of the 3 tool pockets positions on the contour head.


The separate, 280mm diameter milling spindle with 700mm of “W” axis stroke is

great for all your heavy milling and drilling requirements. This spindle also has a built

 in u-axis drive to control tool changeable, 250mm contour heads for the smaller diameters that are very often found on the larger parts. This feature gives a lot of capabilities for smaller machining on a large capacity machine.


This machine can be equipped with a separate head rack that

can change large boring bars, angle milling heads, and

smaller high speed contour heads with lengths up to

1200mm long, automatically onto the spindle.



DS1500 RAM
Trevisan DS1200/300C RAM Machine Center

    Almost what you want? Don't forget Trevisan was founded on the idea of building a solution to a customers need. For that reason, every Trevisan machine is customizable based on the product needs. Contact us at  or 860-254-5120 and we can work with you to provide the most efficient and productive machine for your needs.





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