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As the production and quality requirements become more demanding every day, Trevisan, with over 50 years of experience, has worked as partners with our customers to meet these demands. Trevisan offers a full line of horizontal U-axis machine centers with contour head turning capabilities up to 3 meters in diameter as well as a complement of solutions for our customers other demanding requirements.


Trevisan is a pioneer in the contour head development and has specialized in this type machine for many years now. Whether your goal is reduced cycle time, eliminating changeover time, Quality improvement, reduced material handling, part processing that reduces the amount of floor space required to produce your products, or all of the above, Trevisan has the solution for you.



Trevisan's horizontal machining center has a unique head design that houses two seperate spindles; one for the spindle quill, and the other for a U axis facing head. With the combination of milling and turning, this spindle head can complete the entire machining process with one set up.

  • CNC controlled using FANUC motors and control.
  • Turning, boring, facing, backfacing, milling, tapping, drilling and more all on one machine.
  • Significantly reduce total production time of a part.
  • No hassle stopping the process to install the contour head, tools are changed directly from magazine to the contour head.




By holding the part stationary and moving the machine around the part, Trevisan can machine a wider variety of parts in comparison to other machines. Large parts can be turned without rotating the parts.

This allows optimum cutting speeds over rotating large parts.  With the multi-pallet set up, fully programmable  B axis table, the machines can process many parts from start to finish in just one setup. Part changeover is done while machine is in operation reducing or eliminating changeover time This combined with the dual spindle design can significantly reduce cycle time, which in turn increases production and profit.



• Offset turning operations such as boring on fluid ends.

• Unbalanced parts such as valves, pump housing, and Rock bits.


By integrating a facing head on a separate spindle in combination with a separate quill, it creates a whole new dimension to the machining center, giving you all the pros of a lathe machine without the cons.



By using a facing head on a horizontal machining center, the machine can turn or bore offset diameters at any location on the part without the unbalanced condition as you would with traditional turning.


To turn with a machine with a just a milling head, you must either use complicated ways to manipulate the machine and head to turn the part causing wear and tear on the machine that isn't needed or buy a third party facing head.


The integrated facing head allows Trevisan to machine items such as Fluid ends, Valves, Pump housing, Gearboxes, Axle housings and other parts with off center turning work much more efficiently than other processes.



The tools are loaded directly from the tool magazine into the quill spindle or any of the tool pockets on the facing head.

The contour head has all the capabilities of a lathe or VTL including constant surface speed, single point threading, and other canned cycles.





Trevisan's second spindle supports a quill for milling, drilling, and tapping. This large, heavy duty spindle can handle the toughest milling operations for quick metal removal rates.


  • coolant through spindle to tool tip
  • optional U-axis drive for tool-changeable angle and facing heads. (see Trevisan Solutions)


The Trevisan Ram series has large diameter extendable “W” axis quill to allow a more rigid reach to your parts.

  The NEW DS600/200c ram has 2 separate 100HP direct drive spindle motors, One for the quill and one for the contour head.




Trevisan has been in the business of designing and developing specialized machines for their customers. We use this experience and knowledge each and every day to develop new ideas and perfect old ones.


When purchasing a Trevisan machine, Trevisan considers it a partnership and will work with your team to design and recommend the most advantageous solution for your product needs through various options, or a customized design.


  • Extended X, Y, & Z axes
  • Multiple pallet options
    • 3+ pallet systems
    • Larger Pallet sizes
  • Trevisan Fixturing
  • Tool changeable angle & facing heads for spindle quill.
  • Coolant through spindle to tool tip on both quill and facing head.
  • Turn Key Solutions.
  • Tested and proven technology.
  • Multi-Angle milling head attachment



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