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Trevisan has more than 50 years of experience in the machine tool business.  Since 1963 Trevisan has designed and built special machines to solve customer’s most demanding and complicated applications.  We have grown to offer a full line of Integrated U-Axis contour head Machining Centers.  And we still offer a range of engineered solutions for our customer’s toughest and most challenging projects. The Trevisan concept is to hold the workpiece stationary while rotating the tools around it.  This not only enables complex milling-type operations to be performed but also turning operations.  Heavy and/or odd shaped parts can be machined complete on all sides without re-fixturing or additional handling. Less material handling and fewer setups results in less operator error, tighter tolerances, safer working conditions and faster cycle times.



600mm pallets

350mm Turning Dia.



1250mm pallets

1500mm Turning Dia.



700mm pallets

600mm Turning Dia.

Trevisan DS300/70C Machining Center Trevisan DS900
U-Axis Head Machine Centers



900mm pallets

900mm Turning Dia.

Trevisan DS600/200C Machine Center

Trevisan Horizontal Machining Centers combine the advantages offered by a stationary-part machining with those of rotating-part machining. In-case of a rotating part in vertical turning lathe the cutting speed is restricted due to the diameter of the chuck peripheral Speed. This result in not able utilizes the maximum cutting speed allowed.   To achieve an optimized solution Trevisan Machines are designed with a Facing Head. The diameter of the Facing Head varies depending on the model. They are smaller for small diameter machining & bigger for bigger diameter Machining. So that higher RPM can be achieved to optimize the cutting. Also to achieve the above a specially designed Gear Box to generate an incredible Torque. Finally to deliver the power generated to the tool, a genius Patent tool holder.

Trevisan Ram Series Machine Centers




2400mm pallets

2500mm Turning Dia.



900mm pallets

900mm Turning Dia.

Trevisan DS1200/300C RAM Machine Center Trevisan DS1200/300C RAM Machine Center Trevisan DS600/200C Machine Center



1250mm pallets

1500mm Turning Dia.



2400mm pallets

2000mm Turning Dia.

The same heavy duty construction and combination of Integrated U-axis contour head and standard milling spindle as the standard DS series machine with a rugged Ram “W axis” for additional reach and rigidity for the heavy duty work.

NOTE: Multiple options are available to fit to your product, contact us at or call us at 860-254-5120 for more details. We have a support team that will be able to answer all your questions regarding sizing options and performance details to help you choose the right machine and options.

Modulo Equipe Machine Turrets

The Trevisan Modulo Equipe machines are turret modules that can be configured in many ways to meet your product needs. These modules have 6 position turrets that can be equipped with any combination of contour heads, mill-drill spindles, multi spindle drill or tapping heads. Combining multiple modules in the same machine system offers a multitude of customized solutions that will allow working on multiple sides of a part at the same time for faster cycle times.

Multi-Station Vertical Turning Centers

Trevisan Vertical Turning Lines machines combine multiple high speed vertical lathes and drilling stations with a fully automated part transfer system and a stamping in one machine. With multiple stations, the machine can work on multiple parts at the same time further increasing cycle time.


Trevisan has multiple standard machine sizes that are highly customizable to further increase the quality and output.

Vertical Lines

Mr. Trevisan started the company building special, customized machines back in 1963. Today, Trevisan still carries on this passion to engineer custom machines to meet the customers ever more demanding needs. Many of these customized machines are configured using the proven technology of the standard machining lines above and reconfigured or modified to meet the special requirements of our customers throughout the world.

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